Features & Benefits

Mainly for medical treatment, including medical institutions outpatient clinic, ward, laboratory, rescue protection, outdoor construction protection, agriculture and animal husbandry protection, pharmaceutical science protection, survey protection.

Uses: laboratory, dust-free workshop, medical and health, electronics factory, food industry, beauty care, decoration engineering, hardware and chemical industry, cleaning and daily life, etc.

  • Material: PP non-woven fabric
  • Style: Reverse wear, neckline and waist tie, rubber band for cuffs, light weight & breathable
  • Precise process: stronger protection;
  • Color: yellow, blue, green, etc.
  • Cuff cuffs: isolation and hygiene, easy to move;
  • Rear wear design: comprehensive protection;
  • Waist more fit and more convenient;
  • Independent packaging: cleaner and more professional;